Diablo 2 Ladder Reset Final 11 June 2021 Before Diablo II Resurrected Release

Diablo 2 Ladder Reset Final Before Diablo II Resurrected Release

We got great news for all of you Diablo 2 players. The final ladder reset had been scheduled before Diablo II: Resurrected is going to launch soon.
The reset is set for the 11th June 2021, on the afternoon.

This brings up the question if there will be any future resets? Luckily we can answer this for you, there will still be resets on the classic diablo 2.
Of course not everyone will switch to D2R therefore the important step to keep the classic game alive had been made.

Just to note the timeframes for the ladder resets on D2R will most likely be different in shorter cycles.
More information will shortly be announced.

So to take part in this final classic ladder make sure you will have time on 11 June to play whole nights long getting your char on high level.
If you don’t got time or just wish to get started easier we are here to serve you with early d2 ladder items right after the ladder had been started.

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