D2ItemStash is a Mediator for exclusive selected premium sellers.
The sellers do offer products in virtual and digital form.
Just the best seller’s offers are shown to the buyers on D2ItemStash’s platform.
Buyers who are interested in one or more products on the platform of D2ItemStash do inform D2ItemStash of their interest and desire to place a purchase by clicking onto “Checkout” at the end of the order process and therefore making a legally binding agreement, offer for the chosen products.

D2ItemStash will forward the offer to the respective seller who then can accept it. The order is then forwarded within the process of the order flow through the platform of D2ItemStash before choosing the payment method via an visual display to the seller(s). The offer is then checked by the seller(s) by visible showing the client a short loading to wait for the seller’s confirmation.

If the selected seller(s) accept(s) the offer, they will specify the payment terms and then the client can select the payment method to enter the correpsonding data on the website of the chosen payment provider. At this moment of the order process, it is the discrection of the seller(s) to refuse certain modes of payments or simply accept or demand other payment methods than those listed on the platform of D2ItemStash.

D2ItemStash is responsible for handling the payments and immediately inform the seller(s) about the payment receipt.
The goods will then be delivered to the buyer by the seller(s). Until then D2ItemStash attending for the customer service on behalf of the seller(s).

The seller will inform D2ItemStash about the completed products delivery to the buyer. Once the successful delivery by the seller(s) had been completed, D2ItemStash pays out the received amount to the seller minus the mediation commission agreed with the seller.

Service and delivery information

We mediate only premium selected sellers which deliver their products and services in the most comfortable and fastest way with D2ItemStash’s high standards.

The following services do apply for our platform:
• We mediate your order as fast as possible.
• All customer data information is encrypted and securely stored and just displayed to the order related responsible supplier.

• Online Game Items (for example points, coins, armors, gold): After your payment has been received, the goods will be delivered to you (to your character) through the chosen method by the selected sellers. The goods are either stocked or will be quickly played for after your order had been received.

• Level-Services: During your order you need to provide any required information. After payment receipt the seller will start with the leveling service within 12 hours.

• Keys, Codes & Game Cards: After successful payment receipt these will be delivered within estimated 5 minutes directly to you via message and to your email.

Delivery types in detail:

– In-Game (Face2face)
The seller meets the Buyer within the game and delivers the product.

– Keys/codes/cards
These will be sent to the Buyer through an external service-provider by or on behalf of the seller.
A delivery via post is not possible.

– Comfortable trade
The seller will log into the game account of the Buyer over an encrypted and secured connection, creating a new character and will deliver the product to the Buyer.

– Mule account
The seller will create a new mule-account, places the product(s) there and will send the account-name and password to the Buyer.

– Level Service
The professional leveling team of the sellers will begin as soon as possible, latest within 12 hours with your purchased leveling service.
After receipt of your payment please let the seller know any required information such as the account, character name and password where you wish your level service be made for.

Legal information:

– Additionally to the mediation terms of the use of D2ItemStash the respective terms of use of the responsible seller(s) apply.

– All character(s) will be levelled manually by hand.
– We assure that the sellers will not use any third party programs or so called bots which might threaten your account.
– Your character will only be levelled by professional gamers to reach the disered goal of your order. We mediate only exclusive professional players to you.
– The exclusive sellers will not chat or talk ingame to anyone so that you can rest assured to stay anonymous during the service process.

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